Under the umbrella of cinema, I like to break my career down into two very distinct professional pathways.  It helps me keep track of my accomplishments and also explains my philosophy.  My students benefit from this distinction as it is often difficult to pinpoint the style or genre one may wish to follow as one develops as an artist.

I've made a lot of movies in twenty years and all of them have been for studios, distributors, and broadcasters worldwide.  These are commercial, successful productions that run the gamut from exploitation to family fare.  All of them have one thing in common.  They are funded by others and are dictated by the terms of distribution and broadcast agreements. 

These are the labors of love.  The projects that I have made because I wanted to or had to - because nobody else would pay for them or they were too bizarre or independent to warrant a traditional production partner.  These projects end up at film festivals, are sold market-by-market and exist solely because of my own hubris and inability to 'not' make them.  

Cinema & Visual Arts